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Britteny, also known as “Bibi,” was born and raised in Takoma Park, MD. Britteny was drawn to the creative arts from a young age and found a passion for drawing, photography, and makeup. Britteny’s determination can be seen in many facets of her life, including her journey into tattooing. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Britteny began tattooing out of her home. Before the pandemic, Britteny worked in property management and did professional makeup and special effects makeup on the side. Eventually, Britteny left the property management business as it did not fuel her passion for creativity and pursued her true love, art and tattooing. 

Britteny, entirely self-taught, specializes in fine line tattooing and single needlework. Focusing on details, the majority of her work consists of realism and precise lettering. Almost two years into her tattooing career, Britteny has grown exponentially and is outgrowing her original space. Thus “Bibi Abelle Studios” was born. She is honored for the love and support that has allowed her the opportunity to make her passions into her full-time career. Britteny is excited for the opportunity to share her passion for art with others and is dedicated to growing with the community that raised her. 

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